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Alan Moorhouse

  • 10/07/20
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Alan Moorhouse


It is with deep regret to announce the death of Alan Moorhouse who was a well respected member of the North Lancashire League for many years.

In season 2015-2016 The Lancashire Football Association presented Alan with a long service award for 50 years service to football.

Alan was a stalwart of Galgate Fc. He played for his home village for many many years.

He started playing in open age football at the age of 14 in season 1963-64 for Galgate Reserves. He had three trials with Blackpool Fc during the summer of 1964.

He started playing for Galgate Reserves at the start of the season and then played for Blackpool against Liverpool and lost 4—0. He then returned to Galgate and was selected to play for Galgate first team at just 15 years of age. The following year he returned and played for Galgate, Lancaster City Reserves and Kings Garstang until a serious leg injury stopped him from playing for a few months.

He then returned to play for Galgate in season 2000 took on the role of managing Galgate first team and finished his playing career in season 2002,
Alan was also secretary of Galgate from 1994-2002.

He then joined the North Lancashire League’s management committee in 2002 he then became Chairman in season 2008 to season 2015-2016

He was also coach to Dolphinholme U/16 in starting in season 1974-75 a position he held for a few years.