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Complaints to the League

  • 29/08/17
  • By Nigel Howlett
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How and where to direct complaints should you see any incidents of bad behaviour at matches within the League

As a Charter Standard and Respect League we all hope that your enjoyment of the beautiful game is not spoilt and that incidents of bad behaviour will not happen at any games within the League but sadly we all know that is not always the case.
There are a number of potential routes for you to raise perceived issues. The first person to approach on a match day is the Respect person who should be present at every game and can be identified by the orange bib which we issue to every team.
If you feel that your complaint is something that cannot be dealt with on the day and is of a more serious nature you should bring this to the attention of your club secretary, or club welfare officer. These individuals should be known to everyone within the club.
If you have a more serious complaint this should be submitted to the club secretary in writing and the club secretary will then investigate as necessary and pass it on the the appropriate body to deal with the matter be that the League for breaches of League Rules or the local FA for issues of ill discipline either on or off the pitch.