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Fines Money Charity Donations 2022

  • 13/04/22
  • By Nigel Howlett
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The fines money collected for failure to complete statistics on time has been donated to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal along with a matching donation from League funds

As in past seasons fines money collected from clubs for failing to complete their required statistics before the 8.00pm Monday deadline has been donated the charity.
In light of the current ghastly situation in Ukraine the League Management Committee decided to donate all of the money to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal to help in whatever small way that we could the plight of the refugees being forced from their homes by war.
The fines money collected was matched with a donation from League funds and an initial payment of £3,120 was made on 24th March. A further payment will be made of any other fines collected at the end of the season.
Should you also wish to make a personal donation to the appeal a link to the DEC website is included below