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The 2021/22 Season

  • 26/08/21
  • By Nigel Howlett
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We are all hoping for a Covid free, uninterrupted season. Please remember that the virus has not gone away so remember to cleanse your hands regularly and observe social distancing where necessary. Stay safe and enjoy the new season

The fixtures will be appearing this weekend so just a few reminders:
1) Postponement request form is now available on the website should you find yourself with less than the minimum number of players available. Download and complete the form and send it to Stuart Bean
2) Player Registrations: The deadline is 10.00am on the Friday before a Saturday game. If you are going close to the deadline in getting one in please check with Elsie Rundle that it arrived on time
3) A reminder that only players that appear in your list of available players on Full Time are the ones eligible to play