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Transfer & New Registration Deadline

  • 07/03/23
  • By Nigel Howlett
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The deadline for transfers and new registrations for 2022/23 season is: Midnight on FRIDAY 31st MARCH

This is just a reminder that we are heading towards the deadline for clubs to register new players, or transfer players, for this season. As per Rule 18(i) that rule only permits players to be transferred, or registered that are entered into FA Whole Game and submitted to the league before


One thing to note is that due to the FA seven day approach requirement for any transfers in order for that transfer to be accepted by the league the seven day notice of approach must be submitted to the club who the player is currently registered with by the club requesting the transfer no later than Thursday 23rd March. To ensure that the transfer is completed within the deadline you must ensure that a copy of the seven day notice of approach email is sent to our league registrations secretary Elsie Rundle when the approach is submitted by the club.

Elsie's email address is: