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  • 04/09/07
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Results and Match Reports for fixtures played in the Youth Division including Cup Competitions must be emailed to Lindsay Carrington at the following email address:

The format of how the Press Report should be written is as follows


(A)Each club shall appoint a person to act as Club Press Officer. They will be responsible for collating all team reports into one document and then to email that document in the format shown below to the League Press Secretary.

Name of club
Date of Fixture
Age Group
Competition E.g. Olympic Trophies
Result (must be as follows) Kelsall Kickers 3 - 1 Tarvin Tumblers
Short match report no more than six lines giving a balanced overview of the game
Home Team goal scorers MoM Home Team
Away Team goal scorers MoM Away Team (if known)

(B)Match reports should be forwarded by the club representative to the League Press Secretary using email within 8 hours of the game finishing for inclusion in the submissions to the media.

(C)The League Press Secretary reserves the right to edit out any inflammatory, negative or insensitive content.

(D)This League refrains from publishing results that show a difference in score lines of 10 goals.