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WDFL News - Season 2010/11 No.6 P2

  • 26/11/10
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Here is part 2 of the sixth edition of this season's 'Worcester League News'

Submission of results and referee marks:

13th & 14th November - All results received on time. No referee marks received from Arrow 2000 Reserves and Northwick Vale. 
Arrow 2000 Reserves have now lost the first of their two 'lives.'  Northwick Vale have now lost both their 'lives' and if they fail to submit a mark on time again they will incur a £10 fine. One or two of you are getting a bit forgetful and seem to be waiting for my Thursday reminder before you send your mark in - can I suggest you let me have your mark sooner rather than later before amnesia sets in !

Hand Book Amendments:

Alma F.C. - Kevin Brocklehurst - change of address to – Check Club Email

Arrow 2000 Reserves - New secretary:  Chris Lown - Check Club Email

Northwick Vale - New secretary:  Joshua Hemming - Check Club Email

VFC Keyz - Correct mobile no. for Nathan Wanklin is Check Club Email

Club Bank/Building Society Accounts - At the last Delegates meeting, one or two clubs remarked of the difficulties in opening club accounts, the time factor being one of the main reasons. We've had a look at this and it would appear that the Nationwide Building Society offer a pretty good quick service, so it may be in your interests to have a word with them. Although we would prefer clubs to have their own accounts, it is not a League or County FA rule. If any club without an account wins the monthly draw in future, we will credit the amount won against future end of season accounts or League fees. We will not make out any cheques or pay cash to any individuals for obvious reasons.

Worcester City Council pitch bookings - Since I issued my 'idiot's guide on how to book a council pitch recently, by and large there have been no major problems. However, if you do happen to forget to book your pitch on time, get in touch with Bob immediately and do not just turn up at your usual venue and expect to play ! We can't guarantee that we'll be able to get you a pitch but it's better than burying your head in the sand and doing nothing! Of course if you follow my guide to the letter, you shouldn't get any problems (I know - famous last words !)

Fixtures / Website - Fixtures are now on the website up to 23 January. We've had a few teething problems with the new website lately resulting in a few errors. Thank you for your patience and we hope we're now getting it right ! Could I ask you all to check your full set of fixtures and if you notice anything wrong, then don't hesitate to get in touch with Bob or myself.  A reminder that if you wish to use one of your two closed dates for the season, you have to give six weeks notice. 

The new website name - is now up and running and contains all the information you need to know about the League. The site is now being looked at over 7,000 times a week so I think most people know of it's existence now ! I've now taken team photos of 29 of our current 79 teams and I will endeavour to get round as many as I can before the end of the season. All the photos can be found on the 'News' page of the website - just click on 'Photo Album'.

Spectator behaviour - Can I remind clubs that they are responsible for the behaviour of their spectators at matches. If a referee sees or receives what he considers to be unacceptable behaviour, he will advise the club secretary of this and expect action to be taken. Failure to do so will result in the club being reported, so the answer is very much in your hands.

Match balls and line markings - Have you lost the match ball at the end of your match ? One or two clubs have complained that their balls have gone missing (is that the right phrase ?) - the best thing to do when you give the match ball to the referee at the beginning of the game is to politely ask him to make sure he gives it you back at the end !! - Referees are being made aware of this.
Can you please ensure that whoever marks your pitches makes sure that they are visible - a mud line is not acceptable !

and finally ..............  good luck to all our teams who are appearing in County Cup matches this weekend. Would all clubs please 'phone in their result to me on 01905.749562 whether you are home or away, as this is a great help for future fixture planning - thank you.



PS - Next Delegates meeting - Tuesday 14 December - 7.30 p.m. at Archdales