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Registrations and fixtures

  • 09/09/21
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Registration issues and start of the league season Warrington Junior Leagues Directors

Dear Secretaries and Managers

We are in the final stages of finalising the fixtures for all 3 Warrington juniors Leagues. You will all be aware of the frustrations and significant delays caused by the registrations portals and the Wholegame system in general. These problems have affected the fixture allocations on Fulltime as well.

We do however have a structure in place to commit to 18/19th September for the start of the season. With the support of Liverpool County FA and the WJFleagues officers, we have successfully registered over 11.200 players across all three leagues which is a massive achievement and thank you for all your support and flexibility during this process.

We are aware that there are still outstanding issues with registrations on the system and you need to work with your Local County FA to resolve these issues. Please do not be deterred or redirected to the league to resolve these, this is an FA system problem.

With this in mind we are proposing that if a team has significant registration issues that would render the number of players below the competition team age group number , i.e. 5/7/9/11 players respectively, the team concerned can postpone the first and second fixture to allow any outstanding issues to be resolved. We intend to allow this for the first 2 fixtures of the season then review each team individually.
Please note this only applies to teams who have been adversely effected by the system problems and not due to rejected or late registrations.

This will ensure that the majority of clubs , teams and players can play football on the given date and focusses your counties and the FA to resolve the outstanding problems.
You will be aware of a proposed manual process suggested by the FA, however we have in the interest of the workload for clubs and the leagues that this would be unachievable for a league of this size, and would detract from the issues that clearly need resolving by the FA on the Wholegame system.

Match day rules etc will be communicated over the next 72 hours and zoom training next week will be announced. Please continue to review access for your teams and escalate any issues to the FA teams.