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  • 16/09/08
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02 MAR Changes HAVE been made for 07 MAR: MANvNEW KO Cup QF LITvDER 0930 LEOvEMM (re-arr) REUvBEE (re-arr) SALvAOG


15 FEB
3 KO QFs are on 21 Feb. Most revised fixtures entered for rest of season.

13 FEB
3 KO Cup Qtrs will be played on 21 Feb, with revised fixtures now entered for 21/28Feb+07Mar, Full List due out on 17 Feb. Awaiting KOC ManvNew confirmation for 21Feb.

11 FEB
Knockout Cup Quarters will probably be played on 21 Feb, with revised fixture list due out on 17 Feb.

04 OCT
Don't forget League & League Cup Games are shown in different divisions.

01 SEP
League Cup Format for a 10-team season, split into two leagues, A & B. Each team plays other 4 teams in round-robin format.
From final league positions, 4th and 5th enter a separate plate competition. Winners of opposite league 2nd/3rd place quarter-final meet group winners in semi-finals.
Quarter Finals - Cup
M1:2ndGpAv3rdGpB; M2:2ndGpBv3rdGpA; M3:1stGpA=Bye; M4:1stGpB=Bye
Semi Finals - Plate
Ma:4thGpAv5thGpB; Mb:4thGpBv5thGpA
Semi Finals - Cup
M1vM4; M2vM3
Cup Final prob at Ilkeston Town,
Plate Final at Chester Green.

24 AUG
First League Saturday 06 SEP; all games at Darley Fields; AOG/Littleover have no game;
NOTE Beeston Home is Stapleford - details later;
NOTE League Cup Format - 2Leagues of 5 Teams