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  • 04/10/12
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AGM – Season 2012-2013 Date: Monday 18th of June Time: 7pm for a 7:30 start Venue: Elim Church - 443 Stanley Rd, Bootle L20 5DN

Opening Prayer – Alan Culley

• To receive and confirm the Minutes of the preceding Annual General Meeting
All managers confirmed minutes received via email and available on the website throughout the season.

• To consider any business arising there from
No comments arose from last year’s AGM minutes.

• FA information / New rules / Additions to constitution
Full information can be obtained from the FA or via the FA website.
Alan Culley ran through the Constitution and went over the new points / additions

• To receive and adopt the Annual Report, Balance Sheet and Statement of Account
Accounts will be given in full at the next meeting as just had presentation and 5 a side tournament. An update of the balance will be available when all bills have been paid and new season funds and FA have been paid.

• Election of Clubs to fill vacancies (as recommended by the Management Committee).
- Bankhall (voted in by Ronnie C ELIM / Drew EHD)
- All Saints (voted in by Kev Trinity / Dave St Cuth)
- Mossley Hill (voted in by Dan Breck / Jay Grace)

All teams present were in favour of the new teams joining and they were welcomed into the MCL.

Ron explained decision process of new teams and how a new application form had been put together (available upon request to all teams). Meetings had taken place with managers/new team leaders and phone calls had been made to pastors/leaders of the relevant new churches.

• Constitution of the Competition for ensuing season.
As per amendments discussed in point 3

• Election of Officers and Management Committee.
All current management committee were happy to re-stand for the same current positions. There were no objections and all current members were re-elected.

• Alteration of Rules, if any
- Dan Pennington (Breckfield) – suggestion to add in rule concerning forfeited games… there was an example in season 2011-2012 when a game was forfeited which directly led to a promotion / relegation. This seems unfair and a lot of teams were forfeiting games towards the end of the season when they were not important… this also means a potential golden boot winner cannot add to goal tally etc.

Various new options discussed.
If a team cannot fulfill a fixture then that team will be deducted 3 points and the fixture will be rescheduled to be played at a later date. Further refusal to play the fixture will result in the club coming before the committee.

Constitution states that teams must fulfil 90% of games or face eviction.

This was the only rule change.

- Insurance upgrade reminder – teams must obtain their own insurance and proof of insurance must be provided before start of the season. The insurance cover must be at least equal to the £60 Bronze package offered by Blue Fin. /

Notes added on back page under amendments, signed and handed in.

• Fix the date for the commencement and conclusion of playing season.
- START: Saturday 1st September
- END: Saturday 4th May

• Other business of which due notice shall have been given and accepted as being relevant to an Annual General Meeting.

- Liverpool County Pitch Fees – New forms, new method of payment. Costs increases and potential of reduction for MCL discussed – same as season 2011-2012
- Payment / League Fees discussed as per emails already sent out.
- First manager’s meeting set for Monday 3rd September 2012. Will be at St Cuthbert’s. Confirmation will be sent out.


• Closing Prayer – Alan Culley AC Mitchell