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  • 30/10/12
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The National Christian Cup ~ 2012 / 2013
Quarter Finals ~ Results
Full National Draw
F29) Toft Tornados (Cheshire) 2 v 3 FC Cornerstone (Stevenage)
F30) Grassendale St Marys (Liverpool) 5 v 1 Kings Sports (Herts)
F31) Mansfield AFC (Notts) 30/03/13 St Christophers (Liverpool)
F32) St Thomas More ARYPT (Coventry) 13/04/13 Breckfield Crusaders (Liverpool)

Semi Finals ~ 13th April 2013
F33) FC Cornerstone (Stevenage) v F31
F34) F32 v Grassendale St Marys (Liverpool)

Final ~ During May, 2013 (Provisional and tbc!)
F33 v F34

The National Christian Cup ~ 2012 / 2013
1st Round ~ Results
Regional Section (North)
R1) St Peters Low Fell (Newcastle) 3 v 1 FC Gateway (Leeds)
R2) St Peters Shipley (W Yorks) 1 v 3 Burnley Life (Lancs)
R3) Legacy (Doncaster) 2 v 3 St Christophers (Liverpool)
(After extra time - Score at 90 minutes, 2-2)
R4) Mosaic (Leeds) 0 v 2 Focus (Liverpool)

2nd Round ~ 24th November 2012
Regional Section (South)
R5) St Marys West Croydon (Surrey) v Pond Park Rangers (Chesham)
R6) St Thomas More ARYPT (Coventry) v Christ Central Church (SE London)
R7) Kensington Temple (W London) v Kings Sports (Herts)
R8) New Life (Croydon) v FC Cornerstone (Stevenage)
R9) Hayes Ambassadors (Kent) v Walton Baptist (Surrey)
R10) Newgen (Kent) 2 v 2 United Churches Fellowship (Kent)
(Newgen, Kent won 5-4 on Penalties)

Regional Section (North)
R11) Wavertree Athletic (Liverpool) 2 v 5 Bethel (Liverpool)
R12) Grassendale St Marys (Liverpool) v Morley BSC (Leeds)
R13) Trinity St Marys (Liverpool) v Logos (W Yorks)
R14) Focus (Liverpool) v Toft Tornados (Cheshire)
R15) St Peters Low Fell (Newcastle) v FC Bootle (Liverpool)
R16) South Parade (Liverpool) v Gateway Doncaster (Yorks)
R17) Meols St Johns (Wirral) v Genesis (Loughborough)
R18) St Charles RC (Newcastle) v Mansfield AFC (Notts)
R19) St Christophers (Liverpool) v Burnley Life (Lancs)
R20) Breckfield Crusaders (Liverpool) 2 v 0 Frontline (Liverpool)

3rd Round ~ 19th January 2013
Regional Section (South)

R21) R7 v R5
R22) R8 v R10
R23) R6 v R9

Regional Section (North)
R24) R18 v R15
R25) R14 v R13
R26) R11 v R19
R27) R12 v R16
R28) R20 v R17

Quarter Finals ~ 2nd March 2013
Full National Draw
F29) R25 v R22
F30) R27 v R21
F31) R24 v R26
F32) R23 v R28

Semi Finals ~ 6th April 2013
F33) F29 v F31
F34) F32 v F30

Final ~ During May, 2013
(Provisional and tbc!)
F33 v F34