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  • 07/10/10
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Minutes... Venue: Holy Name Date: 04/10/10

MINUTES: MCL Manager’s Meeting – OCTOBER

Opening Prayer:
Aaron from AOB

Alan Culley (Chairman)
Welcome to David Pugh - LCFA Secretary

Apologies / Absentees:
Apologies from…
FC Bottle
Sefton Churches
St Aidens

Absent without apology… (£20 fine per team)
South Parade

The following teams will also receive a fine for 2 apologies on the run… (£10 per team)
Grace Family Church

League Business:
Liverpool Celtic / Holiday Rentals 365
Alan Culley explained to the league that the above club had been removed from the league due to failure to complete 90% of their fixtures, rule 17d as per the constitution. HR 365 failed to play their first 3 fixtures and despite efforts by the committee to contact the club during the first couple of weeks there was no notification given from the team until a text at 7:17am of the first Saturday of the season.

Due to the lack of communication and the non fulfilment of fixtures it was felt that the club had been disrespectful to the league and negligent in its duties.

Due to the withdrawal of HR 365, the MCL have allowed St Bartholomew’s (a team that the MCL know well due to their involvement in years gone by - St Barts / Roby) to enter into the competition. They have registered with the FA and they are keen to enter the MCL next year.

The Cup game between St Barts and St Margaret Mary’s will be played on the 30th of October to allow time for St Barts to prepare. St Margaret Mary’s are not involved in the National competitions so are free to play this date.

No news as yet regarding the draw. Apparently it has been set for the 6th of October. Update will follow via email and all those entered should receive info in the post.

LFCA Secretary Dave Pugh addressed the managers and explained the benefits of the league and individual clubs becoming Charter Standard. For full information contact the FA and ask for a constitution to apply. The info is also downloadable from the FA website.

For the MCL to qualify the league must have 60% of their teams with Charter Standard.

For a team to qualify they must have the following…
- Respect Code of Conduct
- Equality
- Record of Accounts
- Minutes of recent club meeting
- Minimum of 1 qualified first aider

- £50 Umbro vouchers per year
- 15% off coaching courses
- Invites to exclusive Charter events

Call 0151 523 4488 – Development department of LCFA for more info

Please ensure that the referee has the name that you are registered with the county FA. This is so if any bookings go in they can assign them to the correct team.

It has come to light that some referees have not sent in a booking or sending off. This has been addressed and we have asked all refs to send in cautions. We would expect that teams note bookings and sending offs on the team-sheets so the league can monitor discipline. We would also expect teams to suspend players who are sent off if their fine does not get put in by a ref.

New Referee… Andy Pownall (0151 724 4249 / 077136 328757) Only available every 3rd Saturday.

Several incidents have been brought to the Committees attention already and teams have been spoken to. We are thankful that most teams have been able to sort out issues in house but please ensure that games are played in the “Spirit of the League”, and we are setting the example. Please continue to feed information into the Committee regarding any conduct issues. We would much rather prevent issues from escalating rather than having to react to an incident once it has occurred.

There are a number of clubs who have not sent in team-sheets. The deadline is 13th of October to have all team-sheets in, after which teams will receive a fine. Please send these to Ronnie each week. They can be scanned and sent via email but please ensure the form is signed by each player and fully filled in with all relevant info.

It costs £2 per player to register new players throughout the season, please do not post pound coins through Ronnie’s door… please bring cheques / money to league meetings. Also, please ensure that forms have a signature from the Church Official. Uncompleted forms will be handed back to teams and the player will not be eligible to play.

Nothing to report

Due to HR 365 exclusion from the league there will be a team without a game in the 2nd Division each week. Please check the notices section of the website for other games that have been postponed and feel free to arrange a friendly against another team who is not playing. Please do this in advance and contact John Burton regarding a referee.

Question from Drew re Insurance Document
Ron said would get info to him

Question from Tony Mulane re Claire House cheque
Ronnie confirmed cheque given to them at the MCL Presentation evening in front of everyone. Unfortunately, the amount was not matched by Barclays, the trail to arrange this was lost.

Question from Frontline Ac re Akeju Cup issue with number of teams on Jericho.
Dan responded and asked if their game v Bethel could move to Thomas Lane.

Question from Bernard (NG) re Joe Stone Changing rooms
Asked for Committee/FA help to contact Council re issue. Dave Pugh said contact Paul Farley.

CLOSE: Alan Culley
Alan thanked all managers for all their work within their clubs and churches. Closing Prayer - Alan

Date: 1st November 2010
Venue: Norris Green Baptist, Parthenon Drive, L11 5AW
Time: 7pm for a 7:30 start