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  • 14/09/10
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Date: 06/09/10
Time: 7pm arrival for 7:30 start
Venue: Emmanuel Baptist Church
Fleetwoods Lane, Netherton, Bootle, L30 0QG

Opening Prayer: Peter Smullen (Emmanuel)

Opening Words:
Alan Culley (Chairman) - Words taken from 1 John 1-4 taken from "The Message"

Apologies - Skem, Grace & Bethel
Absent - Holiday Rentals (formally PH Celtic) Fine will be issued = £10

Confirmation of number of pitches at each venue...
Jericho = 3
Thomas Lane = 4
Childwall = 2
Joe Stone = 2

Dan asked if all managers can keep an eye on games and check that we do not have too many games being played at a venue on a given date.

All results were given in a timely manner.

Additional info added to website... Dates when teams have said they are unavailable. List of Referee contact details.

If any other teams require login and passwords to update stats on the website please let Dan know. The MCL committee would like to encourage all teams to update their info and stats after each game.

Referee Report:
John explained issue with 1 team not informing ref of no game until 07:20 on a Saturday morning... this is unnaceptable and this ref could have been used for another game. The team will need to pay the referee regardless if notice is not given a minimum of 24 hours before.

John is away from 15th Sept for 2 weeks... any issues with Refs contact Dan but please phone your ref early to avoid issues and especially if there are midweek games.

Cup Competitions:
National Cup/Trophy information given out. All forms MUST be in to Ronnie by Tuesday 14th of September.

Question raised regarding contribution if team reaches the final... this is now written into the rules so teams should expect to contribute in some way depending on the venue.

Akeju Cup - Draw made... now on website. Teams knocked out in the first round will enter into the Claire House Shield. Future rounds to follow a "world cup format"... winner of game 1 will play winner of game 2 etc. Home and aways for subsequent rounds will be drawn at next managers meeting.

No report - all in order

Question raised over the midweek games and whether it will be light enough. Committee discussed and commented that if weather poor and a 6pm KO is not possible then teams can mutually postpone the fixture.

Closing Prayer: Peter Smullen