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  • 19/08/10
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Below is a list of dates that teams have given indicating they are unavailable to play. Please give 4 weeks notice if you are unable to fulfil a fixture.

25th September
Bethel N/A (notice given 31/07/10)
South Parade N/A (notice given 09/08/10)

23rd October
Kirkby N/A (notice given 10/08)
Mill Lane N/A (notice given)

6th November
ELIM N/A (notice given 19/08/10)
Norris Green FC (notice given 06/09/10)
AFC Norris Green (notice given 20/08/10)

20th Nov
Grace N/A (notice given 07/10/10)
Bootle N/A (notice given 12/10/10)
S Parade N/A (notice given 20/10/10)

4th Dec
Kirkby N/A (notice given 10/08)

11th Dec
Frontline N/A (notice given 24/07/10)
Grace N/A

18th Dec
Skem N/A
Quest N/A (notice given 17/11/10)
ELIM N/A (notice given 22/11/10)
St Aidens N/A

5th Feb 2011
Bootle N/A (notice given 16/07/10)

12th Feb
Frontline Ac N/A (notice given 13/11/10)
Bethel N/A
Quest N/A

9th April 2011
Bootle N/A (notice given 06/10/10)
Breckfield N/A
St Christophers N/A (notice given 20/02/11)
St Aidans N/A (notice given 01/03/11)
AC Mitchell N/A (notice given 09/03/11)