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  • 09/12/10
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MINUTES... Date: 13/12/10 Time: 7pm arrival for 7:30 start Venue: Gateacre Chapel, Gateacre Brow, Liverpool, L25 3PB

Opening Prayer:
Dave from Gateacre Chapel

Alan Culley (Chairman)

Apologies / Absentees:
Apologies from…
Mill Lane
Frontline Ac
Sefton Churches
Wavertree Ath

Absent without apology… (£20 fine per team)
St Aidens

The following teams owe the following amounts… cheques must be sent to Ronnie ASAP otherwise it may jeopardise league points, address is on team sheet form.

Meols = £60
Skem = £50
St Aidens = £20


Paul Farley from Liverpool Council has contacted Ronnie regarding contact details for invoices to be sent out for Pitch fees for this season.

Details given for the following teams…

Norris Green x 2
St Christophers
Mill Lane
Frontline Ac

WDW – informed Paul no longer at Lpool Council pitch
Wavertree Ath – informed Paul no longer playing at Lpool Council pitch


Dan explained new info added to website... please use it instead of sending texts / emails asking for info that is already on there. Website contains the following…

- Ref info
- National Cup/Trophy re-arranged games
- Meeting minutes
- Information if pitches / games called off
- Games teams have asked to postpone

Dan asked if anything else would like to be added? Dan suggested adding the contact list for all MCL managers just in case spreadsheet not to hand.


Coin tossed to decide home and aways for the Cup… outcome is now on the website and below…

AKEJU QUARTERS – 5th Feb 2011

West Derby Warriors v FC Bootle (29/01/11)
Belgrave v St Margaret Mary's
Grassendale v Kirkby CF A
Meols v Skem or Mill Lane (15/01/11 TBC)


Trinity v Breckfield
St Barts v Focus
South Parade v Frontline

Games to be played 5th February 2011 (with the exception of WDW v FC Bootle – 29th Jan)
Please ensure the WINNING team calls the result in
Referee fee is split 50/50


Due to the potential fixture issues it has been suggested that if an Akeju Cup or Claire House game cannot be played at the specified home team ground due to weather / council calling off games, but the away team’s ground is available and playable, the suggestion has been made that the game be automatically switched to the other ground to get the game on, rather than the home team refusing to move to the away team’s ground.

This is not applicable to the morning of the game and must be decided / agreed on the Thursday / Friday depending on weather the referee can travel / be changed, and there is an available pitch on the other ground.

The proposal was put to the floor and there was no objections… if any managers not in attendance have an issue with this please raise it via the committee.

REFEREE / FIXTURES – process when game is in doubt…

John Burton has asked to stress that even though weather may mean games do not go ahead, please continue to contact the ref and opposition in the normal way as if the game is going ahead. Some teams have been leaving the contact until the Thursday to see how the weather goes but please arrange the game as normal and then re-contact the ref and opposition if the game is called off due to weather.

Dan and John have asked for more communication between teams , refs, John and Dan… there were instances were National cup games could not go ahead as away teams could not travel… league games were re-arranged but the refs were not informed etc etc.

John’s job is very difficult and without contact and communication from teams with John and the refs the league will fall apart.

Dan asked for the outstanding National Cup / Trophy games to be arranged ASAP and dates given to him so he can re-arrange any necessary league games for teams who were supposed to playing teams now involved in cup/trophy re-arranged games.

National Cup / Trophy next round is 22/01/10 so please arrange games for 8th of Jan, if not, the 15th of Jan.

Nothing to report

Q: From Grace FC – Jay asked for protocol to put in complaint about referee… He had an issue with a ref in Meols v Grace game where the ref did not play the full 90 minutes because the team arrived a little late. The committee informed Grace to put the complaint in writing to the committee and they can then pass onto John Burton to discuss with the referee. They would also require info from the opposition… Meols.

Date: 7th February 2011
Venue: Speke Baptist. Address will be on website week before.
Time: 7pm for a 7:30 start

Thank you from Alan Culley to all team managers / secretaries for work done in the league. Alan wished all managers/teams a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

Close of Meeting:
Closing Prayer - Dave from Gateacre Chapel