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  • 29/12/07
  • By Ian Liddiard
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Group Stage Draw

The 11 clubs eliminated from the Bellamy Cup now enter the Webb Cup which will commence in January with a Group Stage. There will be 3 groups (2 of 4 teams and 1 of 3). The group winners will progress to the semi-finals along with one of the two runners-up from the groups of 4 (who will play-off for the last semi-final spot). The group draw is: Group 1 - AFC Roma, Lighterman, Bell, Linton; Group 2 - Hope, Boo-You, Jalani, Beckton Gas; Group 3 - Birch, RA Rovers, Forresters. All teams will play the other group members once only (3 games each for groups 1 and 2 and 2 games each for group 3). Normal league system will apply.