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  • 14/02/19
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The following rules apply to all League cup and Trophy rules



1 ELIGIBILITY All member clubs will participate and every team entered into the season's league's competition by the 1st August will be eligible to do so.

2 LEAGUE CUP DRAW The names of the clubs will be drawn in pairs or groups and each fixture will be played on the ground of the first club drawn. All fixtures shall be decided at the first playing: there will be no replays. TROPHY GAMES the format for these will be decided by the committee. At the Semi-final stage, the fixtures may be played on neutral grounds at the discretion of the Management Committee. Each final will be played on a neutral ground.

3 NORMAL LEAGUE RULES Apply where relevant. Clubs are not permitted to apply for postponement of League Cup or Trophy games.

4 PENALTIES In all Cup rounds, if the scores are level after 60 minutes play the fixture will be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with standard Football Association procedure.

5 MATCH OFFICIALS The Referees Secretary will arrange the appointment of Referees and Assistant Referees for Semi-finals and Finals and they shall receive a memento or fees and expenses, as determined by the Management Committee. All expenses incurred at the Semi-final stage shall be shared by the competing clubs. Any expenses incurred at the Final stage shall be borne by the League.

6a PLAYER ELIGIBILITY No player shall be permitted to take part in the Under 11 League Cup Competitions, if he has played in the Under 12 League Cup Competitions, or vice-versa.

6b No player shall represent more than one club in a Cup or Trophy competition during the same season.

6c In order to play in a Semi-final or Final, a player must have played previously in at least four League or League Cup fixtures for the participating team during the current season.

7 DISQUALIFICATION Any club breaking a League Cup or Trophy fixture or playing an ineligible player shall be disqualified from the competition and the fixture shall be awarded to the opposing team.