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Fixtures are LIVE

  • 09/09/21
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Fixtures have been scheduled for all divisions. Please check them now and advise any issues to

The Fixture Scheduler takes account of school holidays, cup weekends and pitch sharing. Sometimes three teams share one pitch making it necessary to have two teams at home on the same pitch. Where this caused too much constriction I have designated the pitch with an "a" or "b" suffix. An early kick-off is designated "a" whilst "b" signifies a later kick-off, allowing two matches on one pitch. The fixture list still shows the default 10:30 KO time so, once you've worked out what you want to do, please let Graham Stubbs ( know and he'll amend Full-Time.
If you want to play a fixture earlier than shown, check with your opposition and that there is a pitch free, then let Graham know. Also let Graham know about postponements.
Cups and Tournaments will be scheduled shortly.
Have a great season everybody!